Mangalakara: One who brings

Prosperity and Goodness

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On the 24th/25th October, ‘Old Mangalakarians’ who have formed themselves into a support group – Mangalakara Wings – organised and ran a wonderful weekend of fun for children from 3rd to 10th standard. All those taking part did so with great enthusiasm. There was a whole range of activities from a challenging quiz, presentations and essay writing for the senior classes to colouring and drawing competitions for the younger children.


The ongoing drought poses many challenges to construction workers

Two married couples wash by hand the clothes for all the 250 children

The seamstress making clothes for the children

The drought makes it difficult for Mangalakara to grow its own vegetables

All 250 children exercise every day

Ruth McAleese before setting off to recieve her Award

The Award Ceremony attended by 5000 people

Our Children at Work and Play

Some of our Members of Staff

Our Peaceful Environment

Our 10th Anniversary Celebrations in September 2013

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